Experiments in generative geometry and graphics

Creative coding is about wonder, about exploration, about learning. And this is the website of someone who is happy to call himself a creative coder. Code gives me a way to play, to explore the odd behavior of our world, to find the systems beneath it all.

Here you’ll find a collection of code result, works in eternal progress, experiments exploring generative graphics, complexity, geometry, chaos, particles and anything else that catches my interest. It’s hard to find a suitable name for this, art is too pretentious, algorithms too cold. Constructs seems to be suitable, sufficiently mechanical but with a touch of craft. Other parts of the site feature Processing examples, my HE_Mesh library and HE_Mesh tutorials.

All non-commercial work featured here is published under a Creative Commons license. Basically you can use whatever you like, but let me know and give the proper acknowledgments where due. Everything on the site is strictly amateur work, done off-hours, mostly at night when everybody else in the house is sleeping.

Contact me if you have comments or want code for a certain piece that isn’t featured on the site. But be warned, the code tends to look like it’s written by a sleepwalking code zombie, and that’s because it was. If my attention span (think buzzsaw in a balloon factory) allows it, there might be comments in the code. Some of them could even be relevant.

Warning: this site is produced in a facility that handles generative design, rule-based systems, Processing, sacred and degenerate geometry, snowflakes, polyhedra, quantum noise, division, data viz, assorted ranting, and trace amounts of art and physics…

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