Experiments in generative geometry and graphics

Creative cod­ing is about won­der, about explo­ration, about learn­ing. And this is the web­site of some­one who is hap­py to call him­self a cre­ative coder. Code gives me a way to play, to explore the odd behav­ior of our world, to find the sys­tems beneath it all.

Here you’ll find a col­lec­tion of code result, works in eter­nal progress, exper­i­ments explor­ing gen­er­a­tive graph­ics, com­plex­i­ty, geom­e­try, chaos, par­ti­cles and any­thing else that catch­es my inter­est. It’s hard to find a suit­able name for this, art is too pre­ten­tious, algo­rithms too cold. Constructs seems to be suit­able, suf­fi­cient­ly mechan­i­cal but with a touch of craft. Other parts of the site fea­ture Processing exam­ples, my HE_Mesh library and HE_Mesh tuto­ri­als.

All non-com­mer­cial work fea­tured here is pub­lished under a Creative Commons license. Basically you can use what­ev­er you like, but let me know and give the prop­er acknowl­edg­ments where due. Everything on the site is strict­ly ama­teur work, done off-hours, most­ly at night when every­body else in the house is sleep­ing.

Contact me if you have com­ments or want code for a cer­tain piece that isn’t fea­tured on the site. But be warned, the code tends to look like it’s writ­ten by a sleep­walk­ing code zom­bie, and that’s because it was. If my atten­tion span (think buz­z­saw in a bal­loon fac­to­ry) allows it, there might be com­ments in the code. Some of them could even be rel­e­vant.

Warning: this site is pro­duced in a facil­i­ty that han­dles gen­er­a­tive design, rule-based sys­tems, Processing, sacred and degen­er­ate geom­e­try, snowflakes, poly­he­dra, quan­tum noise, divi­sion, data viz, assort­ed rant­i­ng, and trace amounts of art and physics…

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